William Kervin

カービン・ウィリアム・ダニエル   From Canada

Position              Owner/Head Teacher
Born                   Nova Scotia,Canada
Home                 Sydney,Canada
University           St. Franscis Xavier University (Canada) www.stfx.ca
                            Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
                            Simon Fraser University (Canada)  www.sfu.ca
                            Bachelor of Arts in Education
Qualifications     Elementary School Teacher License
Experience          英会話のジオス: 10 years : Chief Instructor
                           The London Café: 16 years (2000年~現在) 

Peter Smith

ピーター・スミス   From England

Born       Leeds,England
University     The University of Hull
         B.A Bachelor of Arts in French, Bussiness Studies
Qualifications  'A'Level French 'O'Level Spanish,German
Experience   Various Schools in Various coutries  
         French teacher in Scotland
         English techer in France,Germany,Japan
         ECC, Brother, Royale, Nova 
                        The London Café in Kumamoto


Adam Fundytus

アダム・ファンディタス    From Canada

Born                Canada, Niagara Falls
Home            Fonthill, Ontario
University        McMaster University (Canada) 
           Bachelor of Science – Mathematics & Statistics
Qualifications   Bachelor of Science
Experience         Volunteer English teacher in Okayama,Japan 2016
                         The London Cafe 2017.4~

Patrick Iijima Washburn

パトリック・イイジマ・ウォッシュボーン  From U.S.A

University       Georgia State University Bachalor of Illustration
Qualifications  TEFLA
                     (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
                     (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language)
Experience      Graphic Designer in Tokyo 1994
                      High School teacher 1994~2003                        
                      K-1 interpreter/translator 2004~2011
                      Illustrator/animator 2006~                          
                      Yahoo!Japan translator 2012~
                      come to Kumamoto 2014
Hobbies          Movies, Books, LP Records, Comics, Karaoke, Art, Boardgames

The London Cafe Staff

Kyoko Takata   Maneger

Born          Kumamoto,Japan

University      Hiroshima City University
Experience     Tour Conductor (3years),NHK Kumamoto (5years),
                     Kumamoto University Center For Policy Students-Lifelong Learning        (2years),The London Cafe (2015~)